Price: $39

Seller: Jenina Fortner
State: Kansas
City: Abilene
Zip code: 67410
Type: Animals

TARANTULAS!!! Super intresting pets & very misunderstood. Make great Starter pets easy to care for and live a long time. Many can be handled very easily and tame well, others are fasinating to watch with web making and burrowing. Our Tarantula's come with a Cage and Bedding and Drinking Sponge and Care sheet. Just add crickets each week very inexpensive pet to keep just a few crickets each week. Stop by and see all the types we have to offer. Starting at $39.99 Paws-N-Claws 312 N. Cedar St. Abilene ks
1-202-324- open six days a week!!
Trantulas-White Striped Bird eater, Rose Hair, Cobalt Blue, Mexican Red leg, Mexcian Red Knee, Tiger Rump, Salmon Pink Bird eater, Arizona Blond, Curly Haired, so far ....